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This is How It Works

Add to Chrome
Add MarketGap Pro Browser Extension to your favorite browser.
Open Amazon
Open Amazon in your browser and search for any category or product you are planning to sell.
Check MarketGap
MargetGap will be shown on Amazon's page on the right-hand side. Click on it to open.

MarketGap helps you find

Profitable Products to sell

As you browse Amazon, MarketGap's browser extension shows you key insights of each product directly on Amazon's page.
Product Sales Data
Instantly get up-to-date estimated sales data and other key metrics of best-selling products.
Evaluate Competition
Check product demand, customer satisfaction, and monitor competitors' sales.
Profit Estimator
Quickly find the same product on Alibaba, and use our built-in calculator to get profit estimations.
Price History
See how the price of the product changed in the past to find common trends.
Calculate FBA Fees
Calculate the FBA, storage, and other fees you need to pay after each product you sell.
Real-time Inventory
Check the inventory of the seller from the buy box, on any product. See if the seller is FBA, Amazon, or 3rd Party.

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MarketGap supports the following Amazon marketplaces: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain, France.
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Profit Calculator

Calculate your future profit!

MarketGap helps you to calculate Amazon FBA fee, packaging, shipping, and storage prices. View the profit margin and estimated sales profit you could make on your selected product.
Powerful and Flexible

Product Sales Data

Based on up-to-date inventory information and historical trends, our A.I. powered algorithm shows you accurate sales estimations.
Integrated Alibaba image search

Check Alibaba before choosing a product to sell

Plan ahead and calculate exactly how much a product would cost you with our built-in Alibaba image search. It shows you similar products with just 1 click.

Simple Pricing Plans!

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  • No Credit Card Required
  • Unlimited Search
  • Seller Rank
  • Product Reviews / Score
  • Alibaba search
  • Price History
  • Unlimited Search
  • Seller Rank
  • Product Reviews / Score
  • Alibaba search
  • Price History
  • Inventory information
  • Estimated Revenue
  • Estimated Sales
  • Profit Calculator