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FBA Calculator
To calculate selling on Amazon fees, enter the product ASIN or Amazon URL into the
FBA Calculator
, then select Amazon location.
Click on search and fill out the product cost (The price you can buy from the manufacturer.), shipping cost (How much is the shipping from the manufacturer to the Amazon fulfillment center.), and other fees (Customs tax and extra fees.).

The AI-based Amazon revenue calculator calculates all the current
selling fees and estimates the monthly sales for your product sold on Amazon and how much profit you can make.
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ASIN: Utilize the ASIN to efficiently manage your inventory and streamline your e-commerce operations on Amazon. Price: Set your product's price strategically to balance profit margins and competitive positioning in the Amazon marketplace. Reviews: Positive customer feedback, reflected in reviews, is a critical factor in enhancing your product's credibility and sales potential. Review Score: A high review score on Amazon not only boosts your product’s visibility but also influences the buyer's certainty in purchasing. Category: Selecting the right category for your product on Amazon can significantly impact your seller rank and visibility. Seller Rank: Your seller rank on Amazon, influenced by sales volume and customer feedback, is crucial for maintaining visibility and competitiveness. Item Weight: Consider the weight of your product in calculating freight rates and FBA fees to optimize your pricing strategy. Item Size: The dimensions (length, height, width) of your item affect shipping costs and packaging choices in the Amazon FBA program. Package Type: Choosing the appropriate package type is essential for cost-effective shipping and ensuring product safety. Profit Margin: Maintain a healthy profit margin by balancing product cost, FBA fees, and competitive pricing. Buybox: Securing the Buybox on Amazon can significantly increase your sales and visibility, influenced by pricing, customer feedback, and inventory management. List Price: Set a competitive list price for your product, considering Amazon's dynamic pricing environment and your profit margins. Pricing: Effective pricing on Amazon requires a balance of market research, cost analysis, and understanding of e-commerce dynamics. Pricing Strategy: Develop a robust pricing strategy that considers Amazon's competitive landscape, your cost structure, and profit objectives. Percentage: Use percentages to analyze and adjust your pricing and profit margins in response to market changes on Amazon. E-commerce: Successful e-commerce on Amazon requires strategic pricing, effective inventory management, and understanding customer feedback. Net Profit: Calculate your net profit by considering all costs, including product cost, Amazon fees, and shipping expenses. Inventory: Efficient inventory management is key to maintaining optimal stock levels and avoiding excess fees on Amazon. Profit Margins: Regularly monitor and adjust your profit margins to ensure financial health in the fluctuating e-commerce marketplace. Fee: Incorporate Amazon's FBA fees into your financial planning to maintain profitability and competitive pricing. FBA: Utilize Amazon's FBA tool to simplify logistics, but factor in its fees and requirements in your pricing and inventory strategies.