How to use MarketGap's FBA Calculator

Here you can find all the essential information about MarketGap's API based Amazon FBA Calculator and monthly sales estimator.

How much do you pay for the product?

Cost of product

You need to figure out how much you can buy a Product for. You can use the “Check on Alibaba” function to see how much you can buy from China.

Shipping cost

Enter how much it costs to ship the product to Amazon’s warehouse.

Other fees

In case there are any other fees associated with the product, like Customs fees, enter it here.

Total Cost

The sum of the Cost of the Product + Shipping cost + Other fees.

How much do you sell it for?

Selling Price

The default Selling Price is the product’s current price. You can change that by entering the price into the field or using the slider below the price field.

Referral fees

Amazon charges a referral fee for all items sold, with costs ranging from 8-15% depending on the product category. For most products and services, this referral fee lies in that range.

Fulfillment fees

FBA Calculator shows you the fee Amazon charges for handling and shipping your product to customers.

Monthly Storage

Amazon fulfillment centers measure the cubic feet of your inventory and charge a storage fee tailored to your daily average volume.

Total Fees

The Amazon FBA Calculator calculates the sum of the Referral fee + Fulfillment Fee + Monthly Storage.

Net profit

The (Total cost + Total Fees) are deducted from the Selling Price. This is the profit you will make after deducting everything.

Net Margin

The percentage of net income generated from the sale. Net profit / Selling price.

Return on Investment

Return on investment (ROI) is calculated by FBA Calculator. ROI is calculated by dividing the Net profit by the Total cost.

Estimated Monthly revenue

Estimated Sales

MarketGap’s FBA Revenue Calculator estimates of how many items are sold of this product monthly. This estimation is based on the product’s Category and Best Seller rank.

Estimated Revenue

This is the monthly estimated revenue based on the estimated number of sold items multiplied by the product's price.

Estimated Profit

Monthly estimated profit based on the estimated number of sold items multiplied by the Net Profit.

What is Amazon FBA calculator?

The Amazon FBA calculator is a tool that assists sellers in estimating the expenses of selling via Amazon's Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program. Based on the size and weight of the products, the calculator calculates expenses such as pick and pack, storage, and referral fees. This enables merchants to precisely calculate their overall cost of selling things through Amazon FBA.

Furthermore, MarketGap's revenue calculator can assist sellers in determining how much profit they can make after deducting all applicable fees and multiplying it by the estimated number of sold items per month.

Is the Amazon FBA calculator free?

Yes, using the Amazon FBA calculator on Seller Central is free and simple. However, a paid fee calculator is required if you need more detailed information, such as estimated monthly sold items per product or monthly profit. In MarketGap's solution, you can easily drag the selling price control to see how all costs and profit change when adding or deducting the price.

How to use the Amazon FBA calculator?

Enter the product ASIN or Amazon URL, then select the country you wish to sell your product. After that, click on search and fill out the

  • Cost of the product (The price you can buy from the manufacturer.)
  • Shipping cost (How much is the shipping from the manufacturer to the Amazon fulfillment center.)
  • Other fees (Customs tax and extra fees.)

The calculator tells you the followings:

  • Referral Fee
  • Fulfillment fees
  • Monthly Storage
  • Net profit
  • Net Margin
  • Return on Investment
  • Estimated Sales
  • Estimated Revenue
  • Estimated Profit

This is how to use the Amazon revenue calculator to determine your profit.

How to use the FBA calculator for beginners?

Using the Amazon fee calculator as a beginner is a simple procedure. 

  1. First, choose your target market. 
  2. Then, enter the ASIN or title of the product.
  3. Then, click Search.

The calculator will calculate your Amazon fees, fulfillment expenses, and monthly storage.

Amazon Revenue calculator has the option to add items not previously offered on Amazon by choosing the "Define product" option.

  1. You must decide where you wish to sell.
  2. Include package dimensions.
  3. Unit weight should be added.
  4. Choose a product category.
  5. Add the item's price.
  6. Include your shipping cost.

How to use the FBA calculator for new products?

By selecting the "Define product" option in the Amazon Revenue Calculator in Seller Central, you may add items not previously available on Amazon.

You must specify where you want to sell, provide package dimensions and unit weight, choose a product category, enter the item's price, and enter your delivery cost.

Now you know how to use the calculator for new products.

Is Amazon FBA calculator accurate?

Yes, sellers can have full faith in the accuracy of the FBA calculator when determining the potential profits of their products and services. MarketGap's tool can estimate prospective profits by considering various factors such as FBA fees, sales volume, commodities, and shipping costs. After the vendor has input all the necessary data into the calculator, they can estimate the possible earnings accurately.

Pros and cons of using the Amazon FBA calculator

The pros and cons of using the revenue calculator are the following:


  • Offers precise details on the expenses and charges associated with the shipment
  • Calculates profit margins automatically by itself
  • Simple to use


  • When analyzing Amazon's sales strategies, the Amazon FBA fee calculator is just one of many factors to consider.
  • It is difficult to determine the profitability without considering the costs related to advertising.

Free vs. paid FBA fee calculator

The difference between free vs. paid FBA calculator is the following:

Free calculators merely show you the various Amazon fees. However, a premium Amazon revenue calculator shows you the predicted monthly sold items per product and the monthly profit. Furthermore, you can quickly slide the selling price control in MarketGap's calculator to observe how all expenses and earnings vary when adding or subtracting the price.

How can calculate the profit with the Amazon Revenue calculator?

Enter an Amazon product's ASIN number or copy and paste the product URL to calculate your profit. After that, you must fill out the product cost, shipping, and other fees such as tax and customs. When you are done, the revenue calculator shows you the estimated monthly profit you can make based on the estimated sales counted by MarketGap's AI.

Why is the Amazon FBA revenue calculator not working?

There are several reasons why the Amazon FBA income calculator is not functioning properly. It might be due to a website technical failure, inaccurate data entry, or a programming flaw. Before contacting Amazon for assistance, try troubleshooting techniques to establish the actual reason for the issue.

What Fees Will Amazon Calculators Consider?

This tool calculates all the fees and expenses that come with selling products through Amazon's Fulfillment by Amazon service, such as:

Amazon fees:

  • Referral fee
  • Fixed Closing fee
  • Variable Closing fee

Fulfillment cost:

  • FBA fulfillment fees
  • Service add-ons

Storage cost:

  • Monthly storage cost per unit
  • Storage cost per unit sold

Other costs:

  • Cost of goods sold
  • Miscellaneous cost

It is designed to give businesses an idea of the cost of using Amazon services for their items.

Tips and Tricks for Maximizing Profits with an FBA Calculator

To maximize profits with an FBA calculator, sellers should consider the following tips and tricks:

  • Research products carefully. Before selecting an item to sell on Amazon, thoroughly research the product's pricing, sales trends, demand levels, and competition.
  • Monitor industry trends. Keep up with market trends and changes in Amazon's Fee Structure so you can adjust your prices accordingly.
  • Know the rules. Familiarize yourself with Amazon’s policies, restrictions, and shipping requirements to ensure you are not breaking any of their rules when selling products through FBA.
  • Optimize pricing. Ensure that your retail price covers all your costs while making a profit.

MarketGap is one of the best FBA calculators

MarketGap's solution is one of the best FBA calculators. The best features of this Amazon calculator are:

  • MarketGap's FBA calculator estimates referral, fulfillment, and monthly storage costs properly and rapidly.
  • MarketGap delivers up-to-date predicted sales statistics for any product on the Amazon marketplace, customer satisfaction ratings, and competition analyses.
  • MarketGap's Integrated Alibaba Search identifies items from Alibaba fast and includes a built-in calculator for instant profit estimates.
  • MarketGap also has a Real-time Inventory function that displays the inventory of other vendors on any product.
  • Profit Spy, a browser plugin developed by MarketGap, allows merchants to rapidly examine the monthly profit of all goods on any Amazon page based on predicted sales.

Paid Amazon FBA calculators are better than free ones?

Yes, paid FBA calculators are better because they have extra features over the free versions.

  • Paid Amazon sales estimator can tell you how many sales of any product on Amazon have monthly. This is the best feature because you can calculate your future profit easily.
  • When determining Amazon revenues, accounting for FBA fees, shipping expenses, and other pertinent elements is essential.
  • User-friendly interfaces for data entry and presentation of results.
  • Forecasting Amazon income, expenses, margins, and more.
  • The ability to tailor data to meet the demands of Amazon merchants.

How can Amazon sellers use the profit calculator to their advantage?

Amazon merchants can use the profit calculator to their advantage by calculating all arising costs of using FBA services.

This includes

  • Amazon fees
    1. Referral Fee
    2. Fixed Closing Fee
    3. Variable Closing Fee
  • Fulfillment costs
  • Storage fees

Sellers can earn more profits by understanding these fees and calculating them into the overall cost of their business model. FBA tools like MarketGap also help sellers estimate their monthly sales by products.

The Benefits of Using an FBA Calculator

There are several benefits of using the Amazon profit calculator:

  1. Accurate fee calculation that maximizes your profits and also optimizes your business strategy.
  2. You can quickly compare different FBA options from multiple Amazon locations, such as the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and Asia.
  3. Additional cost calculation helps you set the right price for every product you are selling.
  4. Planning long-term storage fees in different periods of the year (Jan-Sep Cheaper than Oct-Dec).
  5. 3rd party calculators help competitors with inventory level tracking.

Free FBA calculators

The most popular Amazon FBA calculators that you can use for free are:

  • Amazon's Profit calculator (Amazon offers this tool for free).
  • MarketGap FBA Calculator is free three times daily with a special feature that tells you the monthly sales data and a link to Alibaba, where you can easily find the same product.
  • MarketGap's ProfitSpy browser plugin is a free tool for sellers to calculate Amazon selling costs. Additionally, you can pay for extra features like accurate AI-based monthly sales data.
  • JungleScout has a basic Excel sheet if you give them to your email address.
  • AMZScout offers a Chrome plugin.
  • ProfitGuru gives you five searches daily without paying for their premium plan.
  • SellerSprite can calculate fees for new products only.

How to use the Amazon fee calculator for professional users?

The best choice is to use a paid fee calculator for professional Amazon sellers.

Using the MarketGap fee calculator, professional sellers get estimated product monthly sales data from MarketGap's AI-based estimator. This was the most wanted feature among professional Amazon sellers in the beta testing period.

Also worth mentioning is the search for this product on the button. This button searches for the same product on Alibaba, and you can see the manufacturer's pricing immediately.

What does an FBA Calculator do?

With Amazon's FBA service, you can use the Amazon Calculator to determine your earnings and FBA fees. It shows how much Amazon FBA costs for storing products, referral fees, and pick packs.

This tool also figures out how much money Amazon FBA sellers make. Take the FBA fees out of the seller's total income. This tool helps figure out what a product's profit margin is.

Simply put, the FBA calculator does the fee calculations for sellers to make better decisions.

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