30% User Lifetime Commission!

You get commission on every single payment the clients you referred make, for the end of time!

  • Monthly Paypal payout
  • No caps on how much you can earn
  • 1 million days Cookie Duration!
  • Track all visits/payments on Affiliate Dashboard

This is How It Works

Signup as an Affiliate
It’s free to get started.
Promote MarketGap
Get your link from the affiliate dashboard and Share MarketGap with your target audience.
Start Earning
You can monitor the conversions on your affiliate dashboard. We pay commissions monthly.

MarketGap gives you

The Highest Commission

Lifetime & recurring commissions
You get a 30% commission after all payments from users you refer to us. That's right! Even after months or years. As long as the user has an active subscription we share all payments with you!
Maximum Earnings
We don't have caps on how much money you can make. The more users you refer the more you earn every month. No limit.
1 million Day Cookie Duration
Our cookies are made of space-grade material and last for 1 million days! That's about 2739 years! You can be sure that whoever you refer will be your user when they signup.
Paid Monthly
We pay commissions monthly to your Paypal account. We have a 60-day conversion window.
Track Conversions
On our Affiliate Dashboard, you can track visits and conversions of users you refer.
Media Kit
We provide you MarketGap banners, logos, screenshots, anything you need to help you onboard more users.

Affiliate Commission Calculator

The number of users you refer:
(We use max 2000 in the calculator just for simplicity, but there are no caps on how much money you can make.)
You earn / month
Monthly recurring commission for referring active subscribers. You get a 30% commission on every single payment users you referred make!

Who can earn with our Affiliate Program?

Whether you have a Podcast, news outlet, or media hub, generate revenue with our Affiliate program. Introduce MarketGap to your listeners/viewers.
Earn by making a product review, or writing about MarketGap, and we’ll be happy to provide any info necessary.
We have an attractive, useful product for your subscribers. Make a tutorial, service review, or just describe MarketGap to your audience.
Social Media Influencers
Introduce MarketGap to your followers. Post about it, show them how cool it looks and how useful it is.

What is MarketGap?

Simple and intuitive Amazon Product Research tool, to find a market gap

MarketGap helps Amazon FBA Sellers to find the best product to sell. As you browse Amazon, MarketGap's browser extension shows you key insights of each product directly on Amazon's page.
Product Sales Data
Instantly get up-to-date estimated sales data and other key metrics of best-selling products.
Evaluate Competition
Check product demand, customer satisfaction, and monitor competitors' sales.
Profit Estimator
Quickly find the same product on Alibaba, and use our built-in calculator to get profit estimations.
Price History
See how the price of the product changed in the past to find common trends.
Calculate FBA Fees
Calculate the FBA, storage, and other fees you need to pay after each product you sell.
Real-time Inventory
Check the inventory of the seller from the buy box, on any product. See if the seller is FBA, Amazon, or 3rd Party.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s our pleasure to answer any questions you have

MarketGap is an Amazon Product Research tool. Helps you find a market gap on Amazon. You can add MarketGap's extension to your browser and as you browse Amazon, it shows you key insights of each product directly on Amazon's page.

At its simplest form, the MarketGap Affiliate Program allows you to earn a commission for customer referrals using your unique affiliate link in content such as emails, blog posts, YouTube videos, etc. Joining the program gives you a simple way to add value to your site and audience while creating new revenue opportunities.

It costs nothing! Signing up and participating as an affiliate is completely free. Plus, there are no minimum sales required to earn a commission.

By becoming our affiliate partner, you get a chance to join the mission to make it easy to find market gap and bring value to your audience. You’ll get access to a dashboard to monitor your referral activity. Oh, and you get a 30% commission on all payments we receive from users you refer to us. Yes even after years.

Conversions are tracked through your referral link provided by our affiliate tracking software, Rewardful. When someone clicks on your referral link, Rewardful creates a cookie in the user's browser. At any time in the future when the user pays for a PRO upgrade, this cookie is used to identify that this user was referred by you. Rewardful is integrated with Stripe, so Rewardful identifies and ties this user to your affiliate account. From that moment the current payment and any automatic future payment will be credited to your account.

Yep! Basically an eternity.

We pay a 30% commission on all payments we receive from users you refer to us.

We payout commission through Paypal. That means you need to have a Paypal account.

Yes, we pay our affiliates once their tally reaches $200.

Nope. The sky’s the limit! You’re free to earn as much as you can.

We welcome everyone on our program, whether you have a website, blog, company, or a prominent social media account. You can promote MarketGap by writing articles about our product, making YouTube videos, or promote it on social media.

Our affiliate program is open to anyone who agrees to our Affiliate terms and conditions.

Contact us: mail@marketgap.pro