How to start selling on right now? [Ultimate Guide]

Consider selling your goods on Amazon UK as a new and effective marketing strategy.

Amazon’s platform, the biggest online retailer in the world, will significantly increase your company’s visibility.

This article goes over the steps necessary to start selling on Amazon UK and goes through its advantages.

Selling on

You’ll value the useful advice in this manual whether you’re a beginner or an expert.

Selling on Amazon from outside the UK might be a great way to expand your customer base and increase sales.

This guide will assist you in going over everything you require knowledge of to sell on Amazon UK, including the following:
The benefits of selling on Amazon UK
How to start selling on Amazon UK
What you need to do to be successful selling on Amazon UK
Find out what are the selling costs on Amazon UK
Let’s get started!

Chapter 1: Amazon FBA for Beginners UK

It’s simpler than you might think to sell on

Since Amazon handles all the storage, shipping, and customer service, Amazon FBA is a very effective way to sell your products.

This platform is good for those traders who wish to sell their goods online but don’t have enough time.

The sellers must purchase a few items and complete the registration form on

Amazon FBA process

How to sell on Amazon UK?

First, you need to create an Amazon UK seller account.

Once you have an account, time to find the right product to sell.

Using a tools like MarketGap FBA Calculator or Amazon Profit Spy helps you find products that are selling well on Amazon and have low competition.

Once you’ve found a product, it’s time to create your listing.

You need to create unique product images this way you can boost your sales up to 37%.

Don’t forget to check the image requirements on amazon before doing that.

Also, you need to create unique product descriptions with all the details.

Longer product description pages result in far more sales.

How does Amazon FBA work (UK)?

Simply deliver your goods to the Amazon warehouse, and they will handle the rest.

When consumers issue an order, Amazon will choose, pack, and ship the products for you. They will also take care of refunds and customer service.

Basically, Amazon is handling the whole procedure

  1. Amazon tells you which warehouse to send your items to.
  2. You ship your items to that Amazon’s warehouse.
  3. Your items are stored securely in an Amazon fulfillment center.
  4. When customers buy your items, Amazon packs and delivers them to your customer.
  5. Amazon also takes care of the returns and refunds.
Amazon FBA shipping

You should be aware of the following if you want to sell goods on Amazon UK and earn money:

Chapter 2: When selling on, how do I maximize my earnings?

Search for those kinds of items that have a large market and a good profit margin.

Offering competitive prices for your products is important,

Remember, because Amazon is a marketplace, customers constantly search for the best offers.

Apart from the price of the product, shoppers consider factors such as shipping costs and delivery times before choosing a seller to purchase from.

Therefore, offering free shipping and fast delivery could be your advantage if you want to make money selling on Amazon UK.

FBA Delivery

Finally, creating informative listings that accurately describe your products is also important.

Use keyword-rich titles and descriptions to help your listings rank highly in search results.

These suggestions will help you sell on

Is Amazon FBA worth it?

Yes, Amazon FBA is definitely worth it!

Using Amazon FBA is a fantastic approach to expose your products to a wide market at a low initial cost.

In addition, Amazon handles order processing and customer service inquiries, so you won’t have to.

And, best of all, you can start with Amazon FBA for any budget!

So what are you waiting for?

Try it out and observe how much it improves your life.

Is Amazon FBA UK profitable?

Yes, absolutely.

The data doesn’t lie, therefore I’m saying it.

In 2020, one company earned a staggering $118.6 billion in revenue. A good portion still came from their third-party sellers – which is where you come in.

Amazon UK revenue

So, the answer to your question is a resounding yes – Amazon FBA UK could be very profitable.

It’s one of the best markets for Amazon sellers to sell into.

But there’s a catch… The competition is brutal. According to Cybercrew, there were 281,257 sellers on Amazon UK in 2019 – and that number is only going up. This means you’ll need to perform high to achieve your goals.

How much do Amazon sellers make UK?

Because seller earnings are highly variable based on factors such as the products sold, the prices set, and the fees paid to Amazon, there is no universally accurate answer to this question.

However, we can gain some understanding by looking at Amazon’s internal data.

In 2018, Amazon UK announced that its top-selling sellers had generated combined sales of £160 million in the previous 12 months.

Considering that they are the highest-earning sellers on the site, this amounts to an average of £4 million individually.

The vast majority of sellers earn much less than this.

For example, a 2017 study found that the median annual revenue for Amazon UK sellers was just £12,000.

So while there are certainly some big money earners on Amazon UK, the average seller is far from raking in millions.

How do I get paid on Amazon UK?

As an Amazon seller, you have 3 different options for getting paid.

Bank transfer

The most common method and recommended way to deposit your payments directly into your bank account.

This is the quickest and most convenient payment method, as you may immediately put your money to use.

Amazon’s Gift Card

Another option is to use Amazon’s Gift Card balance. I recommend it only for those who sell very few items.

This method enables you to get your payments via an Gift Card. These can be used to make purchases on Amazon or cashed out through several different methods.

This option has a few concerns:

First, you’ll need to have a minimum balance of £25 in order to receive a gift card.

And second, there may be some fees associated with cashing out your gift card balance.


Finally, you can choose to have your payments sent by check.

This is typically the slowest way to get paid.

Remember that the processing time for a check payment might be up to 10 days.

Chapter 3: How much do seller accounts typically have?

Some variables can affect the total price of selling on
You should start by calculating how much it will cost to list your Amazon products.

Selling on Amazon UK fees

Selling plans

Amazon offers two different selling options so that you may pay for each sale or sign up for a fixed monthly price. Your plan is completely flexible and can be changed or terminated anytime.

Individual Plan: £0.75 (excl. VAT) / item sold + additional selling fee

It’s for you when you:

  • Only sell less than 35 items each month.
  • Still deciding what product to sell.
  • Don’t want to promote your products or use selling tools.

Professional Plan: £25 (excl. VAT) / month + additional selling fees

It’s for you when you:

  • Sell more than 35 items every month.
  • Wish to promote your items.
  • Want to rank high on product detail pages.
  • Would use selling tools like APIs and reports.
  • Want to sell items that have restricted categories.

Referral Fees

Each item sold results in a referral fee for selling partners. Amazon deducts the correct referral fee percentage from the total sales price for all items. The total sales price is the full amount paid by the client, including the item price and any delivery or gift wrapping costs.

Referral fees depend on the product category.

Fulfillment fee

A fixed charge per unit, depending on the product type, size, and weight.

FBA storage fees

Per month, you will be charged according to the number of cubic feet stored in Amazon fulfillment centers. The volume measurement is calculated based on unit size after the product has been properly packed and ready to ship.

Storage fee also depends on the product category such as:

  • Clothing, and Shoes and Bags (standard size)
  • Dangerous Goods – Hazmat (standard size)
  • All other categories (standard size)
  • Dangerous Goods – Hazmat (Oversize)
  • All other categories (Oversize)

Keep in mind that storage fees change with the seasons. It’s cheaper to store your products from January – September than October – December.

From May 12, 2022, a 4.3% fuel and inflation surcharge will be charged to FBA fulfillment fees, with the exception of return processing costs.

Other costs

When calculating the total cost of selling in Amazon stores, keep in mind any additional selling costs you may incur, as well as other optional programs that might help you boost sales.

Additional selling fees

  • Inventory fees
  • High-volume listing fees
  • Refund administration fee

Optional programs

  • Advertising
  • Fulfillment by Amazon
  • Amazon partnered with carrier program

After getting your products listed on Amazon, you should think about investing in some targeted advertising there.

As you can see the pricing of FBA Amazon UK fees varies according to your product and business model, but it’s crucial to consider all of the possible expenses before diving in.

FBA amazon UK calculator

It’s no secret that Amazon charges a lot of fees for its FBA program.

These fees can potentially cut into your profits if you are not attentive.

But there’s a way to make sure you always know exactly how much you’ll be paying in fees use the MarketGap FBA calculator or MarketGap’s Profit Spy. You can search for any product on Amazon and calculate the total price. Just enter the product’s price, and the calculator will display all the applicable fees.

MarketGap FBA Calculator

This greatly enhances your ability to monitor how much you spend.

The tool is available for free trial.

MarketGap Sales and Revenue

If you want to be sure about your Amazon costs, the MarketGap FBA calculator is the right tool.

Chapter 4: Questions and Answers about selling on

Can I sell on Amazon just in the UK?

Yes, you can just sell on Amazon in the UK.

In fact, it’s probably one of the best markets for selling on Amazon because of the high demand for English-language products.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind if you’re going to be selling just in the UK.

  • Before selling in the UK, check that the goods comply with all applicable laws.
  • Second, you’ll need to set up your shipping so that it’s cost-effective for customers in the UK.
  • Finally, you’ll need to set up your pricing so that it’s competitive with other sellers in the UK market.

If you can do all of those things, then you’ll be well on your way to success as an Amazon seller in the UK market.

Can I sell on Amazon without a business UK?

Yes, you can sell on Amazon without a business in the UK.

You must set up an account with Amazon and then list your products for sale.

There are several charges to selling on Amazon, but with a small budget, you can list your items.

Amazon’s fulfillment services handle shipping and customer service for you.

While selling on Amazon can be profitable, it’s important to study the associated fees and obligations before diving in.

Do I need a company to sell on Amazon UK?

No, you don’t need a company for selling on

You must create an Amazon account before listing your products for sale.

However, there are some upsides to establishing a business:

  1. Businesses can avoid paying value-added tax by registering for VAT. If you’re selling expensive things, this might be a huge plus.
  2. A company checking account might simplify monitoring cash flow and paying bills on time.
  3. Companies can provide more credibility to buyers, leading to more sales.

A competent accountant or lawyer will be able to give you the best guidance for your specific situation if you’re thinking of forming a company to sell on Amazon UK.

How do I set up Amazon FBA Business UK?

You’ll need to set up a few things before you can launch your Amazon FBA business in the UK.

  • First, you must source a provider capable of getting your goods to Amazon’s UK fulfillment centers.
  • You’ll also need to create a listing for your product on, and make sure that your listing complies with Amazon’s guidelines.
  • To get people to look for your goods on Amazon, you can either pay to promote it there or work to achieve a high organic search engine ranking for terms related to your product.

Setting up a profitable Amazon FBA business in the UK depends on your ability to attract a large number of buyers to your listings.

What are the benefits to move your online sales to Amazon FBA?

According to when selling partners moved their items to FBA in the UK, they experienced a 35% sales boost on average* as a result of faster delivery that delighted clients.


Amazon FBA in the UK is a great way to start selling products online. You will get lots of tools out there to ensure your success. Creating an Amazon seller account is a brilliant idea, in my opinion.

So, that’s a basic rundown of what you need to know before starting your Amazon FBA business in the UK. Feel free to ask questions concerning the following procedures. We’ll be delighted to assist you.

And who knows? In a few months’ time, you could be joining the ranks of successful Amazon sellers making a healthy profit from this exciting and profitable business venture. selling excites you?
What questions remain? Comment below!

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