Author: Denes Muszka

Denes, with 20 years experience in logistics, holds a Logistics Manager degree from Budapest’s Logistics Association and has penned a thesis on mobile devices. Venturing into e-commerce, Denes specializes in Fulfilled By Amazon and passionately educates others about Amazon selling techniques.
Denes Muszka

Denes brings two decades of expertise as a logistics and warehouse professional. As a former Senior Warehouse and Logistic Specialist at Huawei Technologies, he has demonstrated a deep understanding of the intricacies of the logistics domain. His academic credentials include a High-Level Logistics Manager degree from the Logistics Association in Budapest, highlighted by his insightful thesis on the adoption of mobile devices. Beyond his core expertise, Denes has expanded his horizons into the world of e-commerce, specifically through the Fulfilled By Amazon platform. His passion doesn't stop at selling; Denes is also dedicated to educating others about the nuances of selling on Amazon, showcasing his commitment to both industry practice and knowledge sharing.

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